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rxvt: cmd /c can hang the terminal

If I type "cmd /c less" into rxvt then the terminal ends up in some kind of
strange hung state.  I'd expect it to display a message saying "Missing
filename ...".  Instead nothing is displayed.  If I type something then this
is echoed back when I press return.

If I hit control-c then my prompt returns, but rxt no longer responds to any
input, and no longer redraws itself.  Clicking on the close button brings up
the "This program is not responding" message.

This also happens with "cmd /c more".

"cmd /c cat" does what I'd expect except that control-d doesn't cause cat to

The following commands seem to work ok:

cmd /c ls
cmd /c pause

This happens using Windows 2000, cygwin 1.3.22.



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