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RE: skel ~/.bashrc (was RE: HOME)

> From: []On Behalf
> Of Igor Pechtchanski

> # Don't ring bell on completion
> # or, as Hannu E. K. Nevalainen puts it,
> set bell-style none

 <grin> |-}

 Imagine, *30* inexperienced students sitting down at bash prompt (Linux), typing commands and pressing TAB for filename completion... getting it wrong several times per command;


This gets irritating real soon... ;-[   *GROAN*

Back to "business":
 Here follows a shell function which "replaces" /bin/ls with something that displays "control chars" (i.e. diacritcs, 8-bit chars)
$ info Bash # says that shell functions are preferable to aliases... 
  anyone who can explain?

-- .profile or .bashrc ? --
# This is necessary to make ls display national characters...
# and have some style. May I suggest 112 columns in rxvt?
ls () {
 command ls \
	--show-control-chars	\
	--color			\
	--classify		\
	--no-group		\
-- end --

 Last but not least there is a problem with $SHELL, if it is set as per WIN98-DOS at the time when "startx" is executed; startx won't do its thing.
Dunno if the problem is relevant for other WIN-versions (seems not for Win2K).

-- .profile or .bashrc? --
if echo "$SHELL " | grep -i -c >/dev/null
  export SHELL=/bin/bash
  echo -e "\n\"\" found in \$SHELL, \$SHELL contents reset."
-- end --

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden

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