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Re: Commercial corporate usage of cygwin.

Christopher Faylor wrote:

If you are going to be using cygwin to produce commercial applications
you must include the source code to your application and possibly to the
cygwin DLL when you distribute the product.

I2ANAL, but..

Let me expand on that above statement: if you ship software that is compiled and linked against cygwin1.dll (or any other component of Cygwin) such that you need those DLLs at runtime to load and run your product, _then_ the above applies.

If you're simply using Cygwin tools in your build and/or engineering process, but compiling with native compilers (Visual C++, or the Mingw GCC that only links against standard Windows libraries, or, like we are, pure Java products compiled with the Sun JDK, etc.; i.e. not shipping any part of Cygwin with your product), then you are not affected by this particular clause.

(Or, of course, if your products are never distributed outside your company, that's fine, too, but *any* distribution, free or commercial, of code linked against Cygwin libraries, will require you to follow the GPL instructions).

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