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Re: xinetd help

Most of the log messages scroll off the screen.  Unfortunately, xinetd
insists on outputing it's messages to the 'tty', even if stderr is
redirected to a file
or a pipe.  However, I did manage to cut and paste the error.

Normally, I would expect that this error means I don't have Administrator
privledges, but of course I do.  I can't say if this is the same error that
occures when
xinetd is started by init, since error messages go to the bit bucket instead
of the log file.
However, the behavior of the xinetd is the same in both cases...

For the most part, I'm using an unmodified passwd file generated by
"mkpasswd", so naturally I am not using 65535 as a user id.  I have to
admit, I do not really under stand the usage of
the cygwin /etc/passwd file under cygwin.  The file ownerships, and
permissions appear to be like unix.  But try the following:
   ssh -l bar localhost 'echo hi > /foo.txt;chmod 700 /foo.txt;chown fi
   ssh -l fi localhost 'cat /foo.txt'
Even if both 'bar', and 'fi' have administrator permissions, this results in
a permission denied error.  Furtermore:
   ssh -l bar localhost 'echo hi > /foo.txt;chmod 700 /foo.txt;chown fi
   ssh -l fi localhost 'chmod 777 /foo.txt;cp /foo.txt /foo2.txt;mv
/foo2.txt /foo.txt; \
      chmod 700 /foo.txt;cat foo.txt'
works without error.

I find crazy things, like the CYGWIN FAQ claims 'su.exe' does not exist
under cygwin, unless you have a really old distribution.  Which false...
But it says if you do have 'su.exe' it probably doesn't work.  That part is
true.  So, studying the documentation isn't helping in learning how file
permissions and such really work under cygwin.


3/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: chargen-stream
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: chargen-dgram
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: daytime-stream
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: daytime-dgram
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: echo-stream
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: echo-dgram
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: ftp
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: exec
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: login
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: servers
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: services
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: talk
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} Started service: telnet
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {cnf_start_services} mask_max = 19, services_started
= 13
03/5/4@19:51:10: NOTICE: {main} xinetd Version 2.3.9 started with no options
compiled in.
03/5/4@19:51:10: NOTICE: {main} Started working: 13 available services
03/5/4@19:51:10: DEBUG: {main_loop} active_services = 13
03/5/4@19:51:32: DEBUG: {main_loop} select returned 1
03/5/4@19:51:32: DEBUG: {server_start} Starting service telnet
03/5/4@19:51:32: DEBUG: {main_loop} active_services = 13
03/5/4@19:51:33: ERROR: {set_credentials} setuid failed: Permission denied
(errno = 13)
03/5/4@19:51:33: DEBUG: {main_loop} active_services = 13
03/5/4@19:51:33: DEBUG: {main_loop} select returned 1
03/5/4@19:51:33: DEBUG: {check_pipe} Got signal 20 (Child status changed)
03/5/4@19:51:33: DEBUG: {child_exit} waitpid returned = 3356
03/5/4@19:51:33: DEBUG: {server_end} telnet server 3356 exited
03/5/4@19:51:33: INFO: {conn_free} freeing connection
03/5/4@19:51:33: DEBUG: {child_exit} waitpid returned = -1
03/5/4@19:51:33: DEBUG: {main_loop} active_services = 13
03/5/4@19:52:25: NOTICE: {general_handler} Unexpected signal 2 (Interrupt)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Igor Pechtchanski" <>
To: "Bill C. Riemers" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2003 6:40 PM
Subject: Re: xinetd help

> On Sun, 4 May 2003, Bill C. Riemers wrote:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I've been trying to get xinetd to work under Windows XP, but so far have
> > been unsuccessfull.  The daemons starts and runs successfully, but all
> > connections to it's services fails.
> >
> > For example:
> >     telnet localhost
> > just results in a connection that closes right away.
> >
> > I tried running xinetd in debug mode.  It just keeps complaining
> > failed, or goes into endless loops of connections closing and reopening,
> > depending on which service I try testing.
> >                                        Bill
> Is the uid it's trying to set equal to 65535, as in
> <>?
> If so, check your /etc/passwd to make sure it's up to date (with respect
> domain users, most likely).  Otherwise, please post the *exact* error
> message you're getting.
> Igor
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