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Re: NTFS permissions problem

I got everything working...but am still not exactly sure why. Of note: Do not use "Authenticated Users" as the permission mask from what you want everything to inherit.

Cyber.Zombie wrote:

I have a problematic set of ACLs that is causing Cygwin to not behave (and it's not Cygwin's fault). I recently had to do a format/reinstall of XP (yes, even with XP it's sometimes easier to just pull the trigger). In my setup, I only put the OS (and such Microsoft programs that don't ask) on the C partition. I put programs, data, etc. on D through G. What I didn't realize was that all user/group SIDs have embedded in them the machine SID. And that SID changed when I reinstalled. I discovered the hard way what happens when you don't save that little bit of info. I finally figured out a way to force the change and/or removal of all ACLs that have invalid SIDs (through the W2K resource utility SUBINACL). So everything was now pointing to valid SIDs. But I didn't stop there. I figured that it'd be easier in the future if all files inherited their attributes from the root ACLs

Apparantly, Cygwin does not like this. I did the standard Setup.exe install. Then brought up bash. No /etc/passwd,group files. No rights to anything. The following directory listing fragments were found:

bash-2.05b$ ./ls -aln /cygdrive/d/cygwin
total 2
d---------    8 400      401             0 Apr 29 23:26 .
d---------   26 544      544             0 Apr 29 23:13 ..
d---------    2 400      545             0 Apr 29 23:21 bin
----------    1 400      545            57 Apr 29 23:26 cygwin.bat
----------    1 400      545           766 Apr 29 23:26 cygwin.ico
d---------    8 400      401             0 May  1 08:06 etc
d---------   10 400      545             0 Apr 29 23:21 lib
d---------    2 400      545             0 Apr 29 23:19 tmp
d---------   17 400      545             0 Apr 29 23:20 usr
d---------    6 400      401             0 Apr 29 23:19 var
bash-2.05b$ ./ls -aln /cygdrive/d
total 5414
d---------    2 400      65535           0 Feb 22 10:22 Media
d---------    2 400      65535           0 Jun 20  2002 My Music
d---------   35 400      65535           0 Apr 25 02:49 Program Files

Questions: Why is everything coming up with no rights? And I assume the 65535 group entries indicate that I must've missed a couple of SIDs. But there's nothing in the Windows file/folder security tab (including advanced) that mentions the ownership group -- just the user?

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