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RE: Cygwin survey: Next vim version with perl support?

> > The problem with vim is the number of configure options 
> which do make
> > different sense for different people.  What should I do?
> > - pure vim
> > - perl support
> > - python support
> > - tcl support
> > - ruby support
> > - perl and python but not tcl
> > - gvim with win32 interface (actually unsupported under Cygwin)
> > - gvim with X interface
> > - Which X interface, gtk, gnome, motif, athena?
> > - ...
	Too bad VIM isn't intelligently designed to put various features
in .DLL's, and configure itself based on what libraries are present
at run time.

	SGI did this with many commands including 'ls'.  Many of
the commands needed different behavior if they were running on
a system with MAC (Mandatory Access Control) -- so they checked
to see if the mac library was present -- and they also needed 
different behavior if the user was using ACL's (Access Control Lists),
so it checked for that library and enabled those options.

	So there was always only 1 version, all the features took up
no memory if DLL's weren't present on the machine.  

	Same way with the X system -- at run time it can autodetect ---
even Xfree86, I think has gone to runtime dynamic config..

Meanwhile...go for the ones most asked for.  Personally, never heard
of anyone using Ruby.  As for gtk/gnome/motif/athena -- which ones
are even ported or pertinent to the cygwin environment?


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