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Re: Remote access keymap problem in Emacs

>>Thanks Igor. I already changed my XP env to tty which resolved an earlier
>>problem you helped me out with regarding the rendering of a remote Emacs
>>session. That worked but I still have this Ctrl+<space> problem. <backspace>
>>also doesn't work. Is this problem peculiar to Emacs?
> The backspace is probably a terminal problem; I'd guess an incomplete or
> incorrect definition of TERM=cygwin on your remote machine...
> FYI, I just tried remote Emacs in an ssh session in an xterm, and it
> worked like a charm (although I'm a vi user, so I may not have put Emacs
> through enough testing)...
> 	Igor

I'm not using X on my Cygwin so doesn't that mean this option isn't an
option? Anyway, I just used PuTTY, which is only a couple of K and works
fine. This means I won't need to load Cygwin on Windows machines in offices
when I install their SAMBA server. A simple floppy with PuTTY with SSH into
the server will do fine.


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