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Re: Remote access keymap problem in Emacs

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On Fri, 2 May 2003, Garry Heaton wrote:
>>I'm using Cygwin on XP Pro to access a console-based Red Hat server via
>>ssh. Everything is fine except for Emacs which will not recognise the
>>Ctrl+<space> combination for setting the Mark. Any ideas? I'm a bit
>>green on the issue of which end of the client/server supplies which bit
>>of the networked interface. I tried loading different keymaps on the
>>server but the result was the same. Red Hat's ENV shows TERM=cygwin so
>>that's not a problem. I also accessed this server from a Mandrake
>>machine and didn't have the problem so it appears to be a Cygwin issue.
>>Garry Heaton
> Garry,
> The problem is likely not Cygwin per se, but Windows (or, rather, the
> Windows console).  Apparently, the console doesn't recognize the
> Ctrl-Space combination, and treats it as a regular Space.  So, no special
> key sequence is sent for the applications to pick up.  At least, that's
> what I see (with CYGWIN=notty).  Try it with CYGWIN=tty, it might just
> work for you.  This is not related to ssh, btw.
> The only other solution, really, is trying a terminal application that
> doesn't use the Windows console, e.g. rxvt (or, if you have X installed,
> xterm).  In both of these Ctrl-Space should work just fine (works for me
> in an xterm).
> 	Igor

PuTTY to the rescue! Voila, fully-functioning Emacs ..... err, so far :-(


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