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Re: One system works, the other doesn't

This has nothing to do with cygwin-apps..

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Peter Davis wrote:
> 1) At home (NT4), .bashrc is automatically run when I fire up a bash
>    shell.  At work, it doesn't, though I can manually run it with
>    source ~/.bashrc
I usually call those files .profile, WFM

> 2) At home (NT4), the simple perl script I use to filter mutt messages
>    before displaying them works beautifully.  At work (XP), the
>    messages all display with ^M at the end of every line.  (This is
>    recent ... since I just re-installed Cygwin on this machine.  It
>    *used* to work.)
Might be related to your CYGWIN environment variable, or (digging in 
swapped-out memory) the issues explained by Igor here:

I also vaguely remember something about an environment variable needed 
with Perl on some occasions, but there's a lot of clouds around that 
part... (maybe someone else on the list can help you with that)

> 3) At home, mutt has no trouble telling me which MH mailboxes contain
>    new mail.  At work, however, this function of mutt doesn't work.
>    Once I open the mailbox, the new messages are correctly marked with
>    'N', but when I attempt to change mailboxes, mutt doesn't prompt me
>    as it should.
No idea there..

> I've compared the output from 'cygcheck -s -v' on the two machines,
> but I didn't see anything obvious.  (The work machine has more
> packages installed.)  Can anyone suggest what might be responsible for
> these quirks?
Other than the WAGs above, we'll probably need the two cygcheck files..


NB: I bounced this message to cygwin at cygwin dot com, but hadn't seen it 
had been cross-posted - sorry folks..

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