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Re: A bug in makewhatis?

On Thu, 1 May 2003, John R Lyon wrote:

> After a recent upgrade of Cygwin, I find that "makewhatis" does not
> terminate normally.
> This error message appears twice:
> /usr/sbin/makewhatis: line 355: /var/cache/man/whatis: cannot overwrite
> existing file
> and it creates a zero-length file called "whatis" in /var/cache/man.
> I've removed this file prior to running makewhatis only to have it
> reappear in its zero-length condition when makewhatis terminates
> unsuccessfully.
> This happens on both XP and Win 2000 installations of Cygwin.
> - Jack


What are the permissions on that zero-length file?  Are you logging in as
a domain user?  Is that user in /etc/passwd?  Are all the relevant groups
in /etc/group?  Please attach the output of "cygcheck -svr" as per
<>, and post the output of "ls -l
/var/cache/man/whatis" and "ls -ld /var/cache/man".
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