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Re: gdbm 1.8.0-5 breaks cvs

you are correct & your suggestion fixed the error.

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:


This looks like a cygcheck from the configuration that works (i.e., it
shows gdbm-1.8.0-4 and libgdbm-1.8.0-5. I have an inkling of what's going
on: you've probably reverted to gdbm-1.8.0-4 at some point, and then
"upgraded" back to gdbm-1.8.0-5 (which doesn't contain cyggdbm.dll,
because the files that were in gdbm-1.8.0-4 are now split between 3
packages). So, you ended up missing cyggdbm.dll.

Try uninstalling gdbm-1.8.0-4, and then reinstalling all three of
{gdbm-1.8.0-5, libgdbm-1.8.0-5, libgdbm-devel-1.8.0-5}.  This should make
the necessary dlls available.

If the above suggestion doesn't work, it might be a permission issue.  Do
you try to run cvs from a service when you get this message?

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Reid Thompson wrote:


Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

>cyggdbm.dll should be in /bin (at least it is on my system). Could it be
>a permission issue? Please post the output of "ls -lAn /bin/*gdbm*" (and
>"cygcheck -svr" as an uncompressed text attachment, while you're at it).
> Igor
>On Thu, 1 May 2003, Reid Thompson wrote:
>>I had not read the release notes, regardless, it does appear that I have
>>libgdbm 1.8.0-5...
>>WS-XP-4960:/home/rthompso> ll /lib/*gdb*
>>-rwx------+ 1 Reid.Tho Domain U 37568 Feb 19 2002 /lib/libgdbm.a*
>>-rwx------+ 1 Reid.Tho Domain U 47134 Feb 19 2002 /lib/libgdbm.dll.a*
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Igor Pechtchanski []
>>>Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 10:37 AM
>>>To: Reid Thompson
>>>Subject: Re: gdbm 1.8.0-5 breaks cvs
>>>On Thu, 1 May 2003, Reid Thompson wrote:
>>>>attempts to use cvs with 1.8.0-5 of gdbm result in error msg stating
>>>>that cyggdbm.dll was not found. reverting to gdbm 1.8.0-4 resolves
>>>>the error message. Anyone else having this problem? or have I
>>>>managed to foul my installation in some way...
>>>You did read the release notes
>>>didn't you? You now have to install at least two packages: gdbm and
>>>libgdbm. You're likely missing libgdbm.
>> Igor

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