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Re: SSH tunneling buffers...

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Brian Genisio wrote:

> Hi all...
> I am using SSH to tunnel (Using LocalForwarding ports) from one application to
> another.  The system exists of a controller software in Linux (where the SSH
> server resides), and the actual software in Cygwin.
> Cygwin connects to the Linux SSH server and sets up a port forward.  The Linux
> app sends a small amount of data (about 12 bytes) 30 times per second.
> The problem is that the Cygwin/SSH side of the tunnel is buffering the data
> before it sends it to the Cygwin app.  The result is the data is received in
> bursts, and the control is not fluid.
> I have tried this system in a Linux to Linux situation, and the buffering did
> not happen.  Also, I have tried sending data from Cygwin to Linux, and the
> buffering does not happen.  It only happens when data is being sent from Linux
> to Cygwin.
> I have also tried switching between LocalForward and RemoteForward, and it is
> the dirction that matters, not the type of port forwarding.
> Both sides sets the TCP_NODELAY flag before it starts sending, and I know the
> SSH code does the same...
> Any ideas?
> Brian


Does "ssh -vvv" show anything that could be related to this?
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