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Re: One system works, the other doesn't

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Peter Davis wrote:

> Forgive me if this is a repost.  I tried to send this to the Cygwin list
> the other day, but I never saw it appear.
> I have two systems running Cygwin: an NT4 (home) machine and a XP
> (work) machine.  I've tried to make them as similar as possible, but
> there are apparently some differences that elude me.  Specifically:
> 1) At home (NT4), .bashrc is automatically run when I fire up a bash
>    shell.  At work, it doesn't, though I can manually run it with
>    source ~/.bashrc
> 2) At home (NT4), the simple perl script I use to filter mutt messages
>    before displaying them works beautifully.  At work (XP), the
>    messages all display with ^M at the end of every line.  (This is
>    recent ... since I just re-installed Cygwin on this machine.  It
>    *used* to work.)
> 3) At home, mutt has no trouble telling me which MH mailboxes contain
>    new mail.  At work, however, this function of mutt doesn't work.
>    Once I open the mailbox, the new messages are correctly marked with
>    'N', but when I attempt to change mailboxes, mutt doesn't prompt me
>    as it should.
> I've compared the output from 'cygcheck -s -v' on the two machines,
> but I didn't see anything obvious.  (The work machine has more
> packages installed.)  Can anyone suggest what might be responsible for
> these quirks?
> Currently, the NT4 (home) machine is working *better* than the XP
> (work) one.  Since I'll be upgrading the home machine to a new box
> running XP shortly, I'd like to find out what's going on.
> Thanks very much!
> -pd


FYI, this doesn't belong on cygwin-apps...

Can *we* see the output of cygcheck on both machines?  And make that
"cygcheck -svr" (note the "-r" flag).  Please attach it as an uncompressed
text attachment, after making sure your mailer doesn't provide text
attachments inline.

My guess about the .bashrc problem is that the machine that runs it
doesn't give a "--login" flag to bash in cygwin.bat.  Alternatively, the
default .bash_profile tests for the existence of .bashrc, and if you have
weird permissions, 'test' might return the wrong result.  Compare the
.bash_profile's on both machines (and /etc/profile).

The WAG for the "^M"s is that you've accidentally changed the mount type
from text to binary on your work machine when you reinstalled.  The
"cygcheck -svr" output should show whether this is the case.
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