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Problem with cygwin and NT emacs (Stuck Meta Key)


I have had recently had the following problem
certain applications (cygwin and emacs) seem
to land in a state in which it appears that 
an escape(Meta) key press is prefixed to each
key press. 
On both occasions, both applications were
affected. On both occasions, even stopping 
both applications didn't remove the problem.
I use NT Emacs and cygwin(in an emacs subshell)
fairly heavily and until recently have had
no similar problem. 
The first time I had the problem I was playing
with the cygwin x-server and trying to adapt
a tcl programme. The second time I was working
on a tcl programme. So it could be an emacs
tcl-mode problem, a cygwin problem or perhaps
a problem with the tcl port itself(I'm
using a tcl for cygwin compiled under cygwin).

The only references I have found to a similar
problem is from 1999:
e> doing without knowing it. What I see is that META is always
on, Kyle> as if the escape key is jammed. Of course, this wreaks
havoc on Kyle> the emacs session, given all the sequences keyed
off of
Kyle> M-something. The only thing which fixes it is exiting
XEmacs Kyle> and starting again. This is rather frustrating. Is
it a bug?

  I get this too on XEmacs 21.2b16 on Cygwin 20.1; perhaps once
with meta and more often with control.  A fix that works for me
is to
pause, and then strike the offending key (using enough force to
make the monitor vibrate), and release it.  This both fixes the
and releases tensions.  However, if you're experiencing this,
too, it may not be a hardware problem after all...

Thanks for any help

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