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make problem=> "cannot open crt0.o"

Hi list,

I have been trying to install ispell to be used with
cygwin on my
 Win 2000 machine. I have tried both the source
distribution and a port of ispell-3.2.06 created by
Mark Schoenberg. 

Originally the compiler (gcc) didn't find the cc1.exe
program. That issue was solved after reinstalling (3.2
version of gcc-lib). 

Now I have another error that I have not been able to
solve after doing research on the internet. I get the
following error:

gcc -c -O myfopen.c
+ gcc -O -ansi -o buildhash buildhash.o hash.o
makedent.o parse.o myfopen.o
cannot open crt0.o: No such file or directory
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [buildhash] Error 1

There is some problem with crt0.o not being present in
my system. I searched for the file and *is not
installed*, so I guess I will have to install it

The problem is that after doing a google search and
finding a lot of not very helpful pages, *I am quite
lost* and don't know what to start doing. Please, Can
anybody point me in the right direction?


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