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Re: Cygwin survey: Next vim version with perl support?

"linda w \(cyg\)" <> wrote:
>'d be surpised at the people who use cygwin on Windows.
> I'm using Windows primarily because I can't reliably and long term
> due Linux development right now directly.  Linux used to be my
> primary desktop, but some bad RSI, double crush nerves (RSI caused
> by manager who was allowed to do with me as he pleased).

You can get RSI like /that/? Live and learn, live and learn...

> While I used to do alot of edit/builds, I'm more mousing around and
> doing the occasional script/email while my body heals -- which isn't 
> going fast.

I got a twing of RSI-type pain in my wrist and switched mouse-hand as a
result. So far, all seems fine. Maybe you want to give it a try. For me at
least it seems to be the mouse what done it, not the typing. I also made
sure I got work to provide wrist supports for mouse and keyboard hoping to
stave off another attack.

> I can't even pull items out of the perl lib and have them build --
> even in a str8 linux env.  It's frustrating that they list all of these
> nice modules, you pull one out to use, and it just up and doesn't
> work for one reason or another.  Doesn't anyone test their code or
> is that always expected of end-users these days.

Are you feeling better after that little rantette? :-)

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