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Re: being an idiot, transferring files 'tween PC and remote server via cygwin

> S.Wiesner,
> I think right list for this is
> u may also try "scp" (Secure copy)
> More on Secure Shell -
> maillist
> Cheer
> Biju


Please refrain from referrencing Michael Erdely's site and mailing list for
ssh help. This list cannot support information coming from other sites, and
it's exposure will only cause confusion.


> --- wrote:
> > OK, so I'm an idiot, and I've looked everywhere and tried contacting my
> > guys at school numerous times, but to no avail. Here's the deal: I
connect to
> > the unix server at school using cygwin Xfree86 (the preferred method
acc'd to
> > the IT other option in Exceed). It works great as far as
> > down to the server I need, getting to my app and files, etc. What I'm
> > trouble with, however, is transferring files. Do I need to mount my PC's
> > drive somehow so that the unix server recognizes it? Or mount the
> > server to my PC? I'm sorry to be so stupid, but I am NOT a technoweenie
> > doctoral research is in Dance Writing and AI descriptions of motion).
> > lost. Please help.I tried ftp, but I'm having connection probs(not your
> > problem...just letting you know I tried and if this SHOULD work please
let me
> > know and I'll get back on it (using Winftp pro). thanks ever for any
> > (other than telling me I'm stupid which I already know).
> > SLW

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