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Re: WinNT/Cygwin.dll 1.3.2x-1 problem

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Arthur I Schwarz wrote:

> 5.. In all environments I am unable to download my distribution to a CD-ROM
> and then use the CD to update existing Cygwin environments. Not all of the
> computers that I use are internet capable and the ability to update from a
> CD-ROM is necessary. This issue started with Cygwin.dll 1.3.21-1 which was
> distributed towards the end of March and has continued with the current
> version (1.3.22-1). thanks art
> What is the nature of "unable to... update existing Cygwin environments"?
> IOW what error message stopped you from succeeding?
> This is the hot-button. I will research your other questions (thanks).
> Note that a similar problem occurs in Win95 (see: running setup does
> nothing: David T-G).

FYI, this is unlikely to be related, as in David's case setup doesn't
display a window at all (IIUC).

> This is the sequence of events in both the WinNT and Win2k environments):
> 1. An existing version of Cygwin exists and is to be updated. In my case,
> it is stored at C:\root.
> 2. A CD-ROM with a new version of Cygwin and the latest version of
> setup.exe is used and selected as the download source.
> 3. Setup.exe is copied to disk and executed. This is just to keep the disk
> version of setup current to the installation.
> 4. (Under the new setup) MD5 checksums are calculated and packages in the
> old Cygwin are properly identified and reported. That is, the setup window
> to allow selection of applications to be installed is presented for user
> input with old application versions correctly identified and marked for
> default update.
> 5. Updates of executables are input to the setup window either by using
> available defaults or by selecting 'new' items to be installed. Source code
> updates are not selected.
> 6. Completion (the 'finish' button?) is selected and then nothing. No
> additional prompts, no additional input or output and a busy pointer
> (hourglass). At this point the symptoms are the same as for the Win95
> update mentioned above. Eventually, in a fit of pique, I terminate setup.
> Any idea of what could be happening?
> thanks
> art

Setup has problems when the root directory of the CD-ROM is used as the
local installation directory.  Try moving both the local installation
directory and setup.exe into a subdirectory of the root, e.g., E:\cygwin.
You might try searching the archives of this list for step-by-step
instructions on how to create a cdrom distribution.
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