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Re: WinNT/Cygwin.dll 1.3.2x-1 problem

5.. In all environments I am unable to download my distribution to a CD-ROM
and then use the CD to update existing Cygwin environments. Not all of the
computers that I use are internet capable and the ability to update from a
CD-ROM is necessary. This issue started with Cygwin.dll 1.3.21-1 which was
distributed towards the end of March and has continued with the current
version (1.3.22-1). thanks art

What is the nature of "unable to... update existing Cygwin environments"?
IOW what error message stopped you from succeeding?

This is the hot-button. I will research your other questions (thanks).

Note that a similar problem occurs in Win95 (see: running setup does
nothing: David T-G).

This is the sequence of events in both the WinNT and Win2k environments):
1. An existing version of Cygwin exists and is to be updated. In my case,
it is stored at C:\root.

2. A CD-ROM with a new version of Cygwin and the latest version of
setup.exe is used and selected as the download source.

3. Setup.exe is copied to disk and executed. This is just to keep the disk
version of setup current to the installation.

4. (Under the new setup) MD5 checksums are calculated and packages in the
old Cygwin are properly identified and reported. That is, the setup window
to allow selection of applications to be installed is presented for user
input with old application versions correctly identified and marked for
default update.

5. Updates of executables are input to the setup window either by using
available defaults or by selecting 'new' items to be installed. Source code
updates are not selected.

6. Completion (the 'finish' button?) is selected and then nothing. No
additional prompts, no additional input or output and a busy pointer
(hourglass). At this point the symptoms are the same as for the Win95
update mentioned above. Eventually, in a fit of pique, I terminate setup.

Any idea of what could be happening?




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