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Re: Big Brother is Real


I'm not sure I get your drift. I do mostly Java myself, but on every system except MacOS one must install the Java SDK or runtime separately. I doubt Sun likes that state of affairs and as a Java developer, neither do I, but it's how things are right now.

Microsoft dispensed with Java because it's in a legal and market battle with Sun. The JVM it was shipping was horridly out-of-date anyway and not useful for serious Java application developers.

Anyway, in this thread we're talking about licensing terms and privacy, not OS quality.

Randall Schulz

At 07:38 2003-04-01, you wrote:

If XP is such a good OS why did they strip out the JVM? Some of us prefer writing component based Java over heavy and slow monolithic Visual Basic apps. I would purchase XP except I want to Manage my registry instead of Microsoft.

'Nuf Said.


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> At 07:14 2003-04-01, you wrote: > >On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Thorsten Kampe wrote: > > > > > ... > > > > > > XP is the first rocksolid Windows OS. > > > [snip] > > > Thorsten > > > >... with completely unrealistic licensing (see the last paragraph of > ><>). > > > OH. MY. GOD. > > I installed SP3 on my Win2K. Ignorance is NOT bliss. > > I guess it really is time to move to Linux. > > > > Igor > > > Randall Schulz

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