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Re: Another GPL violation: Re: MinimalisticBuild-Environmentforwin32 (~7.5MB)

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 20:33, for_spam at gmx dot de wrote:

> On the rockbox mailinglist i used a VALID email address

for_spam seemed invalid at first glance - it *appears* to be a black
hole address. 

>  - and on my win32
> sdk page is a VALID
> email adress, too.

I didn't see that. I stumbled across your posting about the binaries
whilst searching for something in the cygwin mailing lists - pure

>  It would have been no problem to have me contacted and
> told me personally "hey - you don`t adhere to the GPL - please fix that".
> Instead of that, i`ve been somewhat  "pilloried" on this mailinglist - and
> that`s what made me
> angry and my answers somewhat "defiant".

It was never my intention to pillory (sic?) you. I didn't realise your
address was valid, and when we discussed privately, it was only after
you suggested that the GPL was not clear that I figured other folk here
might be more clear - and ASKED you before posting back to the list.

GPG key available at: <>.

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