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Re: Another GPL violation: Re: Minimalistic Build-Environmentforwin32 (~7.5MB)

>The problem here is that you were politely asked to stop doing something
>and your response was:

>1) I want to use the software the way I want to use it.  It's too hard
>to use it any other way.

>2) You shouldn't be bothering me because I love open source.

>3) Everybody else is doing it.

>These are self-serving reactions with no real bearing on the situation.
>*That* is what started the strong responses.  It wasn't the fact that
>you were not adhering to the GPL that kept this thread going.  
ok - you are right.

>It was your responses to the simple request that you provide source code. 
>an amazing amount of hoopla over such a simple request.
Yes. :)

Threads like this will hopefully keep people bothering others on
mailinglists, they aren`t
even subscribed to and without doing some LITTLE effort to contact them
(BTW: I read that posting by chance)

On the rockbox mailinglist i used a VALID email address - and on my win32
sdk page is a VALID
email adress, too. It would have been no problem to have me contacted and
told me personally "hey - you don`t adhere to the GPL - please fix that".

Instead of that, i`ve been somewhat  "pilloried" on this mailinglist - and
that`s what made me
angry and my answers somewhat "defiant".


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