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Re: Gold star for Joshua and a suggestion for setup documentation

On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 05:36:38AM -0000, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
>> (anyone sick of the "gold star" stuff yet?)
>No! ;-)
>> I just wanted to put in a kudo for Joshua Franklin and his work on the
>> cygwin documentation.  His latest setup documentation installment is
>> really wonderful.  It is just what we needed.
>Indeed. Nice Work!
>> It is so good that I would like to suggest that maybe it should subsume
>> (mostly) my words at and that I should
>> get rid of this link entirely or just point at the correct place in the
>> documentation.
>> What do you think?  Do we still need the words at
>> to exist as a separate entity?  If so,
>> I'll probably add another documentation link to the main web page for
>> people who are first downloading cygwin.  I even wonder if the "Download
>> Cygwin Now!" link should first take users to this documentation and
>> maybe there could be a link to setup.exe in the documentation itself.
>How about changing the "Install Cygwin now" links to point to download.html?
>Keep second line/paragraph and the the last two or three paragraphs and also
>some "newbie" information could be added like links to all of the

I've always resisted doing this because I'd rather not present newbies
with more options than running setup.exe.  If someone wants to dig
around and find something because setup.exe isn't meeting their needs,
that's ok.  I just don't want the first thing they're presented with to
be words that could conceivably lead them down the wrong path.

If Joshua does incorporate the little bit of download.html that is not
already present in his document, I hope it would go at the end of his
document, for this very reason.

>I've strayed for soooo long I forgot to mention that there should/could also
>be a link to the setup.exe documentation. :-)

Um, yeah.  That's what I was suggesting.  I'll put that up regardless.  I
just don't think installing cygwin should be documented in two different


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