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Re: Possible GPL Violation

> On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 03:35:33AM -0000, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> >>I am sending you this e-mail because I was given your URL in passing,
> >>and found that you are distributing Cygwin amongst other Cygwin-linked
> >>utilities <>, but there is no URL
> >>for the corresponding source code.
> >>
> >>I see mentions of the GPL on your site, so I'm guessing you are aware
> >>that you are *required* by the GPL to distribute source code for such
> >>utilities?
> >
> >Apologies to everyone for the imminent flaming.
> That's ok.  I'm giving you another gold star for doing this despite the
> possibility of someone calling you names, suggesting that you're wasting
> your time, and reminding you that you're not a lawyer and so have no
> right to an opinion.  That takes some courage.

Thanks! Open source is a great thing, and if some name calling and YANAL
shouting comes along my way then all the better. Even if that's all that
comes from this, at least I tried :-)

> Thank you.

Perhaps a web page is in order ;-) No, I'm only


Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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