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Re: Determining the location of a Cygwin installation

Francis Litterio wrote:
Andrew DeFaria wrote:

Secondly, if I could get my users to set their
"ApplicationPaths" I could as easily get them to set their PATHs. The real world
situation is that this is not the case and neither PATH nore ApplicationPaths
are set.

Here's an idea: Traverse the directory %SystemDrive%\Documents and
Settings\XXXX\Start Menu\Programs (where XXXX is "All Users" and also
the user's username) looking for a directory named "Cygwin".  In that
directory there are shortcuts that contain the path to various
subdirectories of the Cygwin install directory.  The strings in the
shortcut files may be Unicode, but the info is there.

Cygwin's setup.exe always creates a Start Menu entry, right?
Only if you don't unclick the option...
 So those
shortcuts should always be easy to find.  If a user has deleted his
Start Menu entries for Cygwin, fall back to a full disk search for
Francis Litterio
franl at world dot std dot com
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