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Corrected: setup.exe beta (testing needed - really!)

A new release of setup.exe is imminent. There are many changes, and to
reduce problems, feedback from YOU, is needed.

The new version is available from (binary) and (source).

Pending any regressions being discovered, this release will become the
production release in ~1 weeks time.


 ====   Release Notes   ====

Abraham Backus  <abraham at backus dot com>
Brian Keener  <bkeener at thesoftwaresource dot com>
Christopher Faylor  <cgf at redhat dot com>
Gary R. Van Sickle  <g dot r dot vansickle at worldnet dot att dot net>
John Marshall  <johnm at falch dot net>
Marcel Telka  <marcel at telka dot sk>
Max Bowsher  <maxb at ukf dot net>
Igor Pechtchanski  <pechtcha at cs dot nyu dot edu>
Pavel Tsekov  <ptsekov at gmx dot net>
Robert Collins  <rbtcollins at hotmail dot com>
Fix 'Can't open (null) for reading' errors.
Setup now checks bz2 (de)compression status rather than spewing TODO's
into setup.log.full.
Returning to the chooser from another page will now refresh the view.
Packages with corrupt md5's in the source that are being upgraded will
popup a warning, rather than uninstalling and then failing to install
the new version.
Setup is now more helpful when reporting what log file to look in if
errors occured.
Setup now has two new views - skipped packages (won't be installed) and
one for
packages that don't need updating.
New chooser 'keep' button to change the default activity on packages to
not upgrade - useful when installing a single new package.
Show all categories in the chooser, not just the first package.
Setup will detect and optionally disable McAfee during installation,
hopefully reducing the bluescreens some users have reported.
Use per-screen window titles.
Packages without accessible download sites won't be available for
Updating a user-site in the downloads site list will replace previous
sites at the same server.
Parsing of the setup.bz2/.ini files is reported via a progress bar, so
that setup does not appear to hang after the downloads.
Run post-install scripts in the order of dependencies, to ensure that
packages are fully setup before scripts from other, dependent packages
Prevent a handle leak when running scripts.
Prevent an access violation with some throw exceptions.
Only place the tcp port in http requests when it's not port 80.
Decode FTP 227 replies more robustly.
Compile with gcc3.
NEW FEATURES (That aren't user visible):
Support for parsing debian Packages and Sources tags in setup.ini/bz2.
Support for versioned dependencies.
ntsec integration to setup default ACL's on installed files correctly.
Logs files to be replaced on reboot.
Update included zlib to 1.1.4.
Partial unattended mode support.
The IE5 network option no longer prevents the use of cached data, which
significantly increases performance.

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