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Re: zsh and MC was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mc-4.6.0-1

On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Peter A. Castro wrote:
> > > > 2. If you start mc under zsh in a *console* window with the command 
> > > > prompt option, no prompt is shown - just the cursor:
> > > > "_" instead of "thorsten at freki% _"
> I found the reason. Now I should think about a fix :) I have something in 
> mind but will take a day or two and maybe a discussion on the MC 
> developers list.
> However here is short description of the problem for those interested.
> When reading the subshell prompt MC displays that part of it, which is 
> contained between the last '\r' or '\n' character and the end of the 
> prompt. If there are control characters in this part they are stripped -
> what's left is displayed to the user.
> Now, when run in console window under Cygwin, (same should be on Linux) 
> with the TERM variable set to 'cygwin', zsh ouputs this sequence:
> \r\e[0;10m\e[m\e[24m\e[JAdministrator at mordor\e[1;36m%\e[m \e[K\e[I\e[I\e[I\e[I\e[I\e[I\e[I  \e[1;34m/\e[m 4:4\r\e[I\e[I\e[C\e[C\e[C\e[C\e[C\e[C
> Notice the final '\r' character, there is not a single printable character 
> after it at all. So everything gets stripped and there is no prompt 
> displayed in MC.
> >From what I understand this control sequence wants to move the cursor 
> right after the username at host part of the prompt - '\e[C' on Cygwin is
> the cuf1 and kcuf1 terminfo capability.

I get a prompt running 'mc -U' but only if I don't set RPROMPT.  This is
probably due to how zsh does some special line handling to get the rear
prompt displayed first before the front prompt is displayed and that
might be what's causing mc behaviour.

Peter A. Castro <doctor at fruitbat dot org> or <Peter dot Castro at oracle dot com>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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