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Re: zsh and MC was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mc-4.6.0-1

On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

> On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> > Thanks. Midnight Commander has become better and the old bugs are 
> > gone.
> > 
> > Unfortunately there are now some new ones:
> [snip]
> > 2. If you start mc under zsh in a *console* window with the command 
> > prompt option, no prompt is shown - just the cursor:
> > "_" instead of "thorsten at freki% _"

Can you tell me just what options/key sequences you are using to start
mc?  I've just started mc in a console and I get a '$ ' for a prompt in
mc.  I have a minimal zsh env setup for this test and no ~/.inputrc. 

> > 3. If you start mc under zsh in a *rxvt* window with the command 
> > prompt option, the prompt /is/ shown - but appended with the RPROMPT 
> > (right side prompt): 
> > "thorsten at freki% /home/thorsten 1018:3_" instead of
> > "thorsten at freki% _                                                             ~ 1018:3"
> > 
> > 2. and 3. are maybe related. These are my prompts in zsh:
> > 
> > PS1='%n at %m%{'$'\e[1;36m%}%#%{'$'\e[m%} '
> > 
> > RPROMPT='%{'$'\e[1;34m%}%~%{'$'\e[m%} %h:%i'

This is interesting.  In a previous version of mc this worked (sort of),
but only if PS1 and RPROMPT were set in .zshenv (or one of the other
commonly sources zsh files).  With the latest mc-4.6.0-2 I see just a '$'
no matter what I set where.  I get the '$ ' running mc in rxvt too.

> I see the same behaviour on Linux. I've tested with RedHat 8.0. So, as far 
> as Cygwin is concerned this is not a bug.
> However I think that you're right to expect it to work as described. I'm 
> doing some work to fix problem 3. In fact what happens is that the escape 
> sequences are stripped by MC. With your settings for PS1 and RPROMPT 
> zsh outputs this:
> \e[m\e[m\e[m\e[Jptsekov at mordor\e[1;36m%\e[m\e[K\e[50C\e[1;34m/lib/cvs\e[m8:8\e[62D
> MC strips all control characters and leaves only:
> ptsekov at mordor% /lib/cvs 8:8
> As for problem 2 I'll have to trace a bit to see why no prompt is shown at 
> all.
> I hope soon I'll be able to release an update version.
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