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Re: setup.exe - - Cannot get other packages not included in base install

Joseph Colton wrote:
> I downloaded the setup.exe program from and
> tried to run setup.  Setup worked great for the base
> packages, but I never saw an option for the other
> packages.  I believe that the button is there, but is
> not in the window.  I am running a Japanese version of
> Windows 98 and believe that this might have something
> to do with it.  I can see that some of the text is cut
> off on the title screen right through the upper middle
> of the line that is a URL.  I believe the URL is
> probably for since the line above it is for
> the Red Hat copyright, but I cannot tell.  I also
> noticed where I select the mirror I would like to
> download from that the text field to put a URL into is
> cut in half.  I am not sure if this is a font issue or
> if it is a window size issue.  Any suggestions as to
> how I can download the packages I want?

Are your Windows DPI/font size settings non-default? (In the Display control

Microsoft's dialog code seems to have a bug which breaks setup in this case.


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