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Testsuite as a package (was: Re: Was that the sound of a snapshotgoing off?)

On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Please try the latest cygwin snapshot and report any problems or successes
> here.  The latest snapshot may be close to cygwin 1.3.21.
I would *love* to do that, but I have a WIBGI (Wouldn't It Be Great If 

WIBGI the testsuite for Cygwin (the one in the winsup subdirectory) would 
be available as a separate package via Setup (under the experimental 
packages, of course) That would make it a lot easier for us folks willing 
to help to .. help! :)

Any time you launch a "Please try the snapshot - it might become the next 
version" I would be more than willing to run the testsuite against the 
snapshot and report any regressions (and investigate them if need be).

My problem is that I don't have (and can't get) a copyright assignment, so 
I am restricted to trivial contributions - which is why I haven't made any 
so far.

To limit trafic to the mailing list, if you like this idea, I would 
propose to add a list called cygwin-regressions at cygwin dot com for the 
output of the testsuite - so this list doesn't get flooded with reports.

Good idea? Bad idea?


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