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Re: bash's (built-in) type command can not handle spaces in paths

Thanks for the responses.  I managed to narrow down what's different
in my situation.  Basically the bash builtin type command does work
fine with paths that contain spaces.

The problem is a "side effect" of using NTFS and accidentally banging my
head into NT's horrible over complicated/complex Security/Permissions.
The problem only occurs for executables under my Program Files partition.
When an executable is copied using the File Manager (NOT the cygwin
cp command) then Security Groups it belongs to are: Administrators,
Power Users, SYSTEM, and Users (at least the way my W2K is setup)
and because "Everyone" wasn't in the Group the type command didn't see
this as an executable program that I could run, even though I can run it.
If you do chmod +x on the program under Program Files then it changes
the Groups & now it includes Everyone and then the type command works.

By the way, given that I can actually run an executable that bash/type
can't find, does this suggest that possibly the builtin type command
is doing something wrong?

Curtis Siemens

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