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RE: Nessus on cygwin: Partially there


i know this is an older thread but maybe there are new thoughts..
At the moment i am at a similar point as Shawn. i was able to compile nessus
2.0 sucessfully, the daemon and the client start OK and i am able to log in.
There are no BSOD's or other or fatal errors but unfortunately nessus
doesn't scan because it can't load it's plugins (shared libraries).
In the logfile nessusd.messages i can find errors like "Couldn't load
nmap_wrapper.nes - dlopen: Win32 error 193"
Did anybody get nessus to work with it's plugins?

Thanks for help

>I've been playing with building nessus on cygwin. If anyone else is trying
to do the same, I'd love to hear.
>So far, I've got:
>I can build 1.22 with --disable-shared , which means I have no
nessus-plugins. Vexing. I do not understand libtool and Cygwin DLLs well
enough to attempt to >fix this.
>I can run nessus-adduser, nessus-mkcert and nessusd -D
>I can run nessus and connect to nessusd. But I lack plugins, ne, as per the
above: No DLLs, no shared libs, I am a thick knuckle-headed wuff. *whine*
>I get rather bad crashes when I run nessus. It happened to me a couple
times just during ./configure, and just now when running nessus. Something
to do with >cygwin not being able to allocate memory. Second time round, I
got a BSOD STOP 08. That could be something with my system, of course, I do
not rule out >that I have a general instability regarding memory or
what-have-you here. Someone else to try a build and see how it runs there
would be real useful about now.
>Nessus also eats a ton of memory. Around 200MB before it dies on my
machine. That could be due to "no shared libs" as well, of course. Each
nessusd carries >the whole shebang around with it, and there's several of
the lil buggers running when nessus does its thing.
>I'll happily share build-instructions and diffs with anyone interested. If
someone out there knows a bit more about cygwin than I do and is willing to
help getting >nessus to run properly, that is WITH shared libs and plugins,
I'd be delighted.
>And I'll go and get 1.23 now and build the thing all over again, as 1.23
has JUST been relased. Well, sorta just. After I started on this lil journey
a week ago or so >anyway. :)

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