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Re: Weird stuff with 'man' and 'tset' programs

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Roy H. wrote:

> Something weird is going on with my cygwin.  I first
> noticed it when I ran 'vim' and it said that it did
> not recognize a terminal type of 'cygwin'.  Ok, so I
> set the TERM environment to "ansi".  That seemed to
> work, but I noticed that the arrow keys to move around
> with did not work.  So then I went and reset the
> terminal by using the command 'tset'.  This came back
> and said that it did not recognized a terminal of
> cygwin, or ansi, or anything else.  I checked my files
> and I have ncurses and terminfo installed, and the
> files for the various terminal definitions are in
> '/usr/lib/terminfo' right where they are supposed to
> be.
> Then I went to see what the man pages said about this.
>  The man program worked, but it comes back and says
> "No manual entry for tset", or for any programs.  I
> made sure that I had a good MANPATH, and exported it.
> Did not help.  I have a valid '/' file,
> and if I start man with the -d option, it echoes out
> the paths as listed in the '/' file.
> Even when I specify the man path directory by using
> 'man -M /usr/man man
> ', it still says it can not find the man page.
> My PATH works fine, but who knows what else does not
> really work.
> I could really use a little help with this problem.
> I am running Win 2k all of the cygwin programs are up
> to date.  My shell is bash.  Below is the out put from
> 'cygcheck -s'.
> [snip]


First off, please *attach* the output of cygcheck, as per
<>, due to it introducing false positives into
archives search when in the body of the message.

Secondly, read the following thread:

An archive search for "terminfo" found it, BTW.
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