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Re: bug report - DLL failure on win ME with gcc-3

I think I've found the problem with dlopen()/fork() on Win ME as
reported in
If I'm right, it also applies to win 95/98.

in (dll_list::load_after_fork) a call is made to 

According to the MSDN library, at
the symbol DONT_RESOLVE_DLL_REFERENCES is not supported on win 9x/Me. It
does not say what the result of using this value on those platforms is.
I suspect that this breaks the LoadLibraryEx call, so that the
subsequent FreeLibrary call ends up deallocating memory that was never
allocated, hence the crash.

I have tried a patched version of that uses plain
LoadLibrary instead of LoadLibraryEx on win 9x/Me, and with this patched
cygwin1.dll my test program runs correctly on all platforms. I have
attached the patch (cvs diff -up Could someone please
review this patch and apply it if it is acceptable?

By the way, the current CVS has a problem with unix sockets - they are
verrrry slow - like several minutes to get a simple message through in
some cases. 


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