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Re: setup dies on local install

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Randall R Schulz wrote:

> At 18:27 2003-02-27, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Randall R Schulz wrote:
> >
> > > [snip]
> > >
> > > This whole business comes under the "going against the grain" theme.
> > > You're going to have much better luck, far fewer headaches and keep you
> > > hair a lot longer if you do things the way they're intended to be done.
> > > Furthermore, you're going to be told that "rolling your own"
> > > installation procedure is not (kindly) supported here.
> >
> >Randall,
> >
> >I'm sorry, but this is not quite correct.  The recent discussion about
> >"rolling your own" was not about an installation, but rather about
> >cygwin1.dll.  Which would be expected to coexist with the "official"
> >cygwin1.dll.  I think providing your own *mirrors*, whether in CD form or
> >on a network, is indeed encouraged.  Anyone wanting to do that is directed
> >to read <> if they also
> >need to create a custom setup.ini file.
> >     Igor
> Igor,
> I'm not sure I see how that follows. I was just responding to Steve's
> posting about the problems he had downloading and running Setup. Since
> he used the phrase "preserving the directory tree," I guessed that he
> did not use Setup to do the download. Since the directory layout
> created and required by Setup is not identical to that existing on the
> mirror from which the install tarballs are downloaded, one has to take
> extra steps (such as those in my shell script) to create that structure.
> Hence my hypothesis that he didn't properly recreate the required
> directory sturcture and my remarks that "rolling your own" is likely to
> cause one frustration.
> Steve's original post didn't mention cygwin1.dll at all, so I don't see
> how it goes to questions of which cygwin1.dll is used.
> Randall Schulz


Umm, yes, I can see that my post may be misinterpreted.  I was responding
to your comment that "you're going to be told that "rolling your own"
installation procedure is not (kindly) supported here."  I recall exactly
that (creating a local mirror/distribution) being suggested by prominent
project members (including Chris Faylor, IIRC).  I understood that as an
encouragement to do so.  Sorry for the ambiguity.
P.S. Cygwin developers are "just mean", so nothing is "kindly" supported
anyway, is it? ;-)
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