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Re: setup dies on local install


Did you use Setup to do the download, or did you use some other tool? If it was the latter, then most likely you did not create the proper directory naming convention required by Setup.exe.

As for providing Cygwin in a single grotesque tarball, that's really infeasible. Updates happen frequently, and each update would require a new multi-hundred-megabyte tarball. Furthermore, many (probably most) users would be required to download far more data than they want or need.

Check for the very recent posts about how to download under the Subject: "Re: Setup "Download from Internet" Question".

This whole business comes under the "going against the grain" theme. You're going to have much better luck, far fewer headaches and keep you hair a lot longer if you do things the way they're intended to be done. Furthermore, you're going to be told that "rolling your own" installation procedure is not (kindly) supported here.

Randall Schulz

At 17:43 2003-02-27, Steve Miller wrote:

I downloaded everything labeled "base" and whatever
else I wanted from a Cygwin mirror...




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