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Re: Setup "Download from Internet" Question

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 fergus at bonhard dot uklinux dot net wrote:

> [snip]
> 2. If you already have Cygwin installed, then this isn't helping if what you
> want is a complete ground level download. I've found it convenient to render
> Windows temporarily Cygwin-unaware by typing
>     umount -A
> at the Cygwin prompt, then immediately exiting. Then rename the Cygwin
> directory by typing
>     ren \Cygwin Othername <Enter>
> at the command or cmd prompt. (I don't find it necessary to edit mentions of
> Cygnus out of the Windows registry. In this context, anyway.)
> [snip]
> 5. To recover your own local system (i.e. to make Windows Cygwin-aware
> again) rename Othername back to Cygwin, then run
> exactly as though you were checking to see whether it's time for an upgrade.
> You won't need another massive download: Cygwin will correctly identify all
> the local info about what's there already. At the end of setup you will find
> your mounts miraculously recovered, and away you go.
> Works for me. (It might not be necessary to do all the umount and ren stuff,
> but I find it safe and secure and saves bother of the sort I think you were
> describing.)
> Fergus

FYI, you should be able to restore the results of umount without setup.exe
by using the following procedure:

Run "mount -m | sed 's at ^@/cygdrive/c/cygwin/@' > /bin/mymounts" before
"umount -A".  After you're done downloading, cd to c:\cygwin\bin and run
".\bash mymounts' to restore the mounts.
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