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setup dies on local install


I downloaded everything labeled "base" and whatever
else I wanted from a Cygwin mirror, preserving the
directory tree, so I could burn a CD for installs on
two machines that will not have internet access. (Why,
oh why, dear God, can't Red Hat just make a big
archive file?) 

So before burning the CD, I try a test install on
Windows 2000 running as the guest OS on a virtual
machine. At least six times, setup dies immediately
after the series of dialogues at the beginning. There
is NOTHING in the setup logs besides a message
claiming that setup has "ended" or something like that
-- when I _do_ get a log.

Once, I somehow managed a partial install, but all
that got was a dos prompt that promptly vanished.

I am removing the cygwin root directory and registry
entry and shortcuts between attempts. Any ideas? There
is nothing in the FAQ or on the mailing lists that
I've been able to find that looks remotely helpful.



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