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Setup "Download from Internet" Question

What is the correct way to use setup's "Download from Internet" option to
download all of the Cygwin packages without installing them?

I am trying to download all of the Cygwin packages so I can put them on a
CD.  I have to install Cygwin on a machine without internet access.  Below
is a summary of what I have tried and the problem I am having.

I created an empty directory E:\cygwin, downloaded setup.exe to it and ran
it.  I selected "Download from Internet" and specified E:\cygwin as the
local package directory.

1. First, I tried to select "Default" next to "All" so it changed to each
category from "Default" to "Install".  The resulting download only included
non-Default packages.  It looks like setup thinks I have current versions of
the default packages so it marks them as "Keep".  I DO have them elsewhere
on my machine, but not in the "Local package directory".

2. Then I tried to simply download the default packages without modifying
the selection.  The resulting download only included three packages
(_update-info-dir, gdb, opensll).

Is setup looking at packages I have installed on C:cygwin?  I would rather
not remove these files from my machine in order to make a CD for another


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