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Re: UW pop3 no mail listed


I think that a more appropriate mailing list for your question may be the UW
imapd list.

I don't use ipop3d, but I have been using imapd for quite awhile now without
problems, however I've been running the 2000c version.  If you are running
one of the newer versions, you may be encountering an issue that's been
bugging me that I haven't had time to investigate a lot.  It's possible that
the server is looking in your windows system directory instead of /var/mail/
or your cygwin home directory.

A good troubleshooting tool for figuring out where it's looking for your
inbox file is filemon from  I put a filter on "imapd"
and watched the output.  There's a lot of output, but you should see it
looking for an INBOX file somewhere during this process...


----- Original Message -----
> Hello,
> I built UW-imap & pop3 using the standard config (make cyg), and copied
ipop3d to /usr/local/sbin
> I can run ipop3d from inetd or xinetd, and log in, but then I'm told I've
have no mail (I've about 30 messages on the mailspool).  When I log in via
ssh, I see the $MAIL variable is properly set.  Does anyone have ideas as to
why this might be happening?

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