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RE: Cannot start program after installation

Marvin Ma <mailto:nixon_ma at hotmail dot com> on Thursday, February 27, 2003
5:39 AM: 
> I have check I do have the folder c:\cygwin\bin
> Will it be because of the bash.exe being missing from the bin?

> I have tried to download the bash-2.05b-8-src.tar.bz2 and
> bash-2.05b-7.tar.bz2 from the mirror site, and after downloading it I
> have uncompressed it  by using winrar first then winzip. I set the
Thats not the way to install cygwin packs.
Start your cygwin setup.exe and select bash or whatever package
you want. Do *not* leech them manually!

> uncompress path to the /cygwin/
> But then another error occurs.
> When I run the program there comes a dialogue box with title"
> bash.exe - cannot find component"
> This applicable program cannot not be executed, because cygwin1.dll
> is not found, reinstalling the applicable program may solve this
> problem. 
> I have tried reinstalling cygwin, but this problem still exist.
Restart the setup.exe and select bash.


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