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Re: cygwin1.dll, nontsec, and NTFS disk issue

You are correct about file permissions, Christopher.

We all know that Windows has loose file permissions and all files are marked executable by default. When CYGWIN=nontsec,

Old behaviour: when an executable is wanted, the system will check by extension and content, not file permissions;

New behaviour: when an executable is wanted, the system will check by file permissions on NTFS disks, even though nontsec is set.

As far as I understand, it seems to be an overriding issue. For older cygwin versions, ntsec/nontsec overrides system support for file permissions; for newer versions, system support for file permissions makes cygwin ignore ntsec/nontsec setting when autocompleting. That is, the old behaviour only occurs on FAT disks.

I think the old way is more consistent.

Hope I am clearer.

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei

--- Original Message from Christopher Faylor ---

I think that the point is supposed to be that test.c must have
executable permissions even with CYGWIN=nontsec.  So hitting tab to get
what should just be a command brings in test.c, too.

I can't duplicate this behavior, of course.


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