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Re: pdksh installation

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 02:45:36PM -0500, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, you (whoever you are) wrote:
>>I have read in the cygwin-apps list that pdksh is available.  Until it
>>is officially announced and available in the package list, what is the
>>correct procedure for installing it?  Can I use the setup program to
>>install it?
>>I guess this question applies to any new package that is not officially
>This depends on who is releasing the package.  Sometimes people have
>their own setup-aware mirrors, with the appropriate setup.ini file.
>Their announcements of packages then usually contain something like "To
>review, point your setup.exe to <some web address>".  You can then use
>setup.exe to install the packages.

Let me say again that I think it is a very bad idea for random people to
be installing the package before it is officially ready.  As a package
maintainer, I would find questions or bug reports from newbies quite
annoying before the package is released.

"I saw you were digging a hole for your pool so I filled it with water.
How do I make the water nice and clear?  It seems to be a little too
muddy for swimming."

If you want to sign on to help review packages then that is, of course,
welcome.  However, if you have to ask how to install an .tar.bz2 file
then you have lots of learning to do before your insight will be useful.

I could even, if I was so inclined, pull the "off-topic" card for this.
Packages not included in the cygwin release are not what the cygwin
mailing list is supposed to be used for.

Of course, I wouldn't do something like that because I'm not that...

No.  Wait a minute...  Hmm.


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