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Re: file name case sensitivity

Gerald S. Williams wrote:

As you may have guessed, I've been working on this problem
recently. I just put a request into SourceForge to create
a new project: a library I've been calling CaseWise. It's
only for Windows NT/2000/XP since it uses the Native API,
but I'm hoping to get Cygwin to use it eventually. The
library provides direct replacements for Windows API calls
(e.g., CaseWiseCreateDirectory replaces CreateDirectory),
with both ANSI and Unicode versions. I plan to allow calls
to fall back to the original functions on platforms that
don't support CaseWise semantics.

Very interesting. Once you do create such files (different case but same case-insensitive value, or files called "aux.something" or "prn.something"), will regular Windows programs be able to even look at that directory? Or will they choke on those names (e.g. hang when listing the directory, or when opening the file)?

I'd be wary of creating directory contents that can only be handled by special tools. Hopefully once you create these "weird" files, they will at least be gracefully handled by regular Windows tools, even if it means just something like a "cannot open file" message.

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