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Re: Minimum Install for Executable Distrubution

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 22:48, Thorsten Kampe wrote:

> So you're telling me that
> a) there is no particular reason why the Cygwin creators made a "Base 
> Category" (different to all other categories (Editors, Shells))

There was a very long discussion on the cygwin-apps list about the
categories, and what should in Base. I *strongly* suggest you review
that before continuing this discussion.

> I don't know these reasons for all those Base packages. But the 
> reasons are in my opinion not trivial. Omitting tar for example hasn't 
> simply the effect "so you cannot use tar" but "so you cannot install 
> via setup.exe, because the installation packages are tarred (and 
> bzipped)"[1]
> Thorsten
> [1] This is an assumption, because I don't think setup.exe has builtin 
> "tar.bz2" support

And assumptions are very dangerous, because setup *precisely* has
builting tar and bzip2 (thus tar.bz2) support.


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