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Re: cygstart, mutt or mailcap?

At 11:09 AM 2/24/2003 -0500, Ajay Simha wrote:
>On Mon Feb 24 10:32:51 2003, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 10:24:58AM -0500, Ajay Simha wrote:
>> > > -rwxrwxrwx    1 1040     65535         162 Feb 24 10:10
>> > >                          ^^^^^
>> This is unlikely to be the source of the problem, but just to
>> figure out what's going on, try
>[asimha at asimha-w2k02 /tmp]$ strace chmod 776
'~$LS_capability_questionnaire.doc' | fgrep SID
>  174   61576 [main] chmod 2460 cygpsid::debug_print: alloc_sd: 
     owner SID = S-1-5-21-1801674531-2025429265-839522115-5320 <===== Who
is 5320? 
>  252   61828 [main] chmod 2460 cygpsid::debug_print: alloc_sd: 
     group SID = S-1-5-21-1801674531-2025429265-839522115-513 <===== this
is "None"

Ajay, here is a better answer.

You write '<===== this is "None"', but in an earlier message you gave us your
group file with
so it isn't None.

You write '<===== Who is 5320?'
and I think it's you.

This is my explanation: you are running under a domain account and you have
executed mkpasswd -d nor mkgroup -d
You also have a local account with the same name. When you enter Cygwin from
Windows, Cygwin finds an entry under your name and does its best to use it,
among other things creating files with the gid of your local account and
the local uid to the domain sid.
However MS Word uses your domain account gid, which is missing from
Hence the ???????.


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