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Re: Command-line options for setup.exe

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Lars Munch wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 12:15:29PM -0500, Garg, Rajiv wrote:
> > Does setup.exe support command-line options?  If so, where can I find
> > the documentation for them?  I would like to roll-out Cygwin to 300+
> > machines and command-line options to install all packages found in
> > network share would be simplest method, otherwise I might have to
> > repackage it into a MSI using Wise Package Studio or something similar.
> I have tried to create a MSI package but the result is *very* slow
> because of the size and a huge number of files, also sym-links did not
> work after installation of the MSI package.
> Instead I use Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
> (remember to use -a to preserve file attributes).
> Take a look at my homepage for more information:
> Anyway, I would also like to know the command-line options for setup (if
> they exists)
> > I saw a discussion about adding support for this in the
> > cygwin-developers mailing list (~ 10/2001, topic="setup.exe command-line
> > options") -- but cannot find any documentation about whether this was
> > completed.
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Rajiv


"Use the source"^{TM}

Seriously, there are no command-line options to speak of in the "official"
setup.exe on the site (v.  There are quite a few in
the CVS HEAD of setup.exe.  A look at the source, however, will show you
all the relevant options, with explanations.  Check out the CVS HEAD (as
described at <>), and grep
all .cc files for "Option".  There is even a patch outstanding that adds a
"--help" option to list all available options:
<> (with one caveat:
setup has to be built as a Cygwin app from source for you to see console
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