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Re: exim 4.12-3 winsock problem (was Re: 1.3.21)

Jason Tishler wrote:

> > Could you run  exim -bd -d -c  (skip the -q15m for simplicity) and
> > look at the output. If nothing is obvious, send it to me I will
> > compare it with the output of a local run.
> See attached for a 4.10-2 and 4.12-3 run.
changed uid/gid: running as a daemon
  uid=1008 gid=1009
  auxiliary group list: 513 544 545 1009

changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
  uid=1008 gid=1009 pid=2024
  auxiliary group list: 1009

We see that setgroups is active in 4.12-3 and that
supplementary groups were shed.
I suspect that somewhere winsock requires 544 or
545 (e.g. is not happy with Everyone + 1009 alone).

I don't know if it's because of a file access issue
or because of a Windows privilege (privileges depend
on group membership). Look at your local security
policy, perhaps you will see something interesting.
>From the error code, it looks like the winsock designers 
never thought this could happen.

So I suggest a simple test: edit /etc/passwd and change
the gid of the exim user to 545, then run again.

By the way, I am not sure what you try to achieve running
the exim daemon as a special exim user.

Also, it may be just fine to run the daemon with gid 545
but do deliveries with gid 1009. That's controlled 
from /etc/exim.conf, group = mail in the local_delivery
The issue with that approach is if exim execs itself: it
will then be unprivileged with uid 1008 and gid 545 and
wouldn't be able to make local deliveries.

I have another question: when you run under strace are 
things fine or do you hit another error? 


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