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grap and Bison 1.75 -> 1.875 -> 1.875a

For information:

The current version of grap is grap-1.27 (available at for
those interested) and installs under Cygwin beautifully, that is apparently
glitch-free and without any amendments, using configure/ make/ make install,
when the [prev] version of bison (1.75) is implemented.

The installation fails with the [curr] version of bison (1.875).

The problem looks like one involving a simple missing semi-colon, but when
this observation was put to them (more coherently than I could have managed,
by Tony Dusoir) Bison kindly and informatively responded as follows:
"Actually, the semicolon is supposed to be missing. This is valid syntax in
GNU C for a label attribute, but g++ rejects it, due to what I assume is a
compiler bug. We have worked around this problem in Bison test version
1.875a; please give it a try.  You can get it from: ."

I tried this, blindly upgrading in Cygwin from Bison 1.75 to 1.875a by again
simply using configure/ make/ make install (probably not at all the thing to
do, in general). But, hey presto, this version has apparently installed over
1.75 without any murmurs of objection.

And, finally, when tested, grap-1.27 installed successfully under
bison-1.875a as it had under bison-1.75.


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