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Re: Minimum Install for Executable Distrubution

* Max Bowsher (03-02-24 23:50 +0100)
> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>> * Charles Krug (03-02-24 23:38 +0100)
>>> We've built the gcc/as/ld toolset as a cross compiler to the Altavec
>>> PowerPC.  We've been using it internally for a couple of weeks.
>>> Those of us with full developer Cygwin installations can run the
>>> program with no problems.
>>> We'd like to be able to distribute a minimal package to everyone here
>>> who needs the cross compile capability.
>>> [Detailed stuff]
>>> I BELIEVE the correct course of action would be to do a default
>>> Cygwin install
>> Not "default", but "Base".
> Since "default" is "Base", there's little point in distinguishing.

If I remember correctly, there are quite a few packages in the default 
install that don't belong to the Base category. The Base packages 
might depend on those, so I may be wrong.
>>> and then distribute our cross development toolset.  Would there be
>>> any problems doing it that way?
>> Did you try?
>>> Most important (to me), is there a Cygwin tool for assembling the
>>> correct packages?
>> Yes, "setup.exe".
> No, he said assembling, not installing.
> Info on this is available under "Contributing - Cygwin Packages" on

You do not have to install via "setup.exe". You can just download the 
packages and their dependencies so you might call this "assembling".

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